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Social Media Ad Spending

Posted by benasmith on December 21, 2008

Short but interesting blog from Razorfish reporting solid growth on social media ad spending in 2008. Combined spending on MySpace and Facebook was up 32% Q2 over Q1. Q3 was up an additional 22%.


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Online Consumer Habits and Social Media Trends

Posted by benasmith on November 30, 2008

Just a quick link to the Razorfish 2008 Consumer Experience Report. This annual report is a wealth a valuable information on online consumer habits and social media trends and is absolutely a must read.

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Growing Significance of Social Networks

Posted by benasmith on November 23, 2008

Short but interesting article in the November 10 2008, Advertising Age giving some statistics on social media usage. Focus of the article is how social networks are impacting TV viewership, which of course has implications for advertising dollars.

According to research by Magid Advisors:

More than 38% of all 12 to 64 year olds online in the US indicate they regularly use social networks.

And it’s not just the younger population using them.

One third of women ages 35 to 44, for example, report they regularly use social networking sites.

With all the time spent on social networking sites, time spent on other activities is being reduced.

Over 25% of those using social networking sites stated specifically that it was their TV viewing habits that were being cannibalized.

This is another example of the growing impact of social networks and something the television networks, and all other “traditional” media, need to be very aware of. Ignore social media at your peril.

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Twitter Traffic Explosion: Who’s behind it all?

Posted by benasmith on November 18, 2008

Some very interesting research on Twitter usage and user demographics. Twitter really has a powerful online presence and can’t be ignored by any of us in the news or media industry, or many other business categories.

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Making Social Networks Profitable

Posted by benasmith on October 12, 2008

Interesting article in Business Week about a new patent-pending technology from Google for ranking the most influential people on social networking sites such as MySpace or Facebook. If the technology works it could be a tremendous ad revenue opportunity for social networking sites, with entirely new opportunities for much more effective targetted ad campaigns…. at a sizeable premium of course.

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LinkedIn Success Stories

Posted by benasmith on October 9, 2008

Two great success stories for LinkedIn. For all those doubters on the value of LinkedIn or other professional networking sites, these are great examples of effective use LinkedIn to generate business and create new sales. The results are directly attributable to the subscribers making good use of the resources the site offers.

First, a great example of a LinkedIn subscriber successfully launching a business and generating great sales entirely thanks to creative use of LinkedIn groups and the status update feature.

Second, a LinkedIn subscriber using the site to reconnect with an old client and convert that former client in to a new $1 millon contract.

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50 Ideas on Using Twitter for Business

Posted by benasmith on October 4, 2008

Twitter is perhaps still one of the newest and evolving social media trends. I’m personally a huge advocate. I see many exciting opportunities for a business to use Twitter, both for internal and external communication. Unfortunately there are many naysayers who dismiss Twitter as a novelty, as a waste of time, and maintain the view that Twitter and other social media tools really don’t have any direct benefit to businesses.

This is a great blog by Chris Brogan, “50 Ideas on Using Twitter for Business”. The blog offers some great thoughts for anyone considering the merits of Twitter for their business, and includes specific sections on “Negatives People Will Throw At You” and “Some Positives to Throw Back”.

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Brave New World of Digital Intimacy

Posted by benasmith on September 6, 2008

Great social media article in the New York Times Magazine. Focus of the article is specifically on the “snippets” of information shared through the Facebook and Twitter news feed and status updates. Also interesting discussion of what social scientists describe as “ambient awareness”.

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A few links to get going

Posted by benasmith on August 12, 2008

To start things off, just sharing links to a few websites I’ve found to be good resources: – Everything social media – Great in-depth blog on web strategy, full of very thoroughly presented ideas and information – The evolution of media, great blog with a focus on news media – Great site for anyone involved with community newspapers – Extensive directory of corporations and organizations with active Twitter feeds, fully categorized – Directory of individual Twitter users, sorted by areas of professional or personal interest, and some by geographic location – Great site for anyone needing creative inspiration

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