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Online Consumer Habits and Social Media Trends

Posted by benasmith on November 30, 2008

Just a quick link to the Razorfish 2008 Consumer Experience Report. This annual report is a wealth a valuable information on online consumer habits and social media trends and is absolutely a must read.


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Growing Significance of Social Networks

Posted by benasmith on November 23, 2008

Short but interesting article in the November 10 2008, Advertising Age giving some statistics on social media usage. Focus of the article is how social networks are impacting TV viewership, which of course has implications for advertising dollars.

According to research by Magid Advisors:

More than 38% of all 12 to 64 year olds online in the US indicate they regularly use social networks.

And it’s not just the younger population using them.

One third of women ages 35 to 44, for example, report they regularly use social networking sites.

With all the time spent on social networking sites, time spent on other activities is being reduced.

Over 25% of those using social networking sites stated specifically that it was their TV viewing habits that were being cannibalized.

This is another example of the growing impact of social networks and something the television networks, and all other “traditional” media, need to be very aware of. Ignore social media at your peril.

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Don’t Count Out Big Media

Posted by benasmith on November 18, 2008

Another very positive blog on the future of news media. This time by Chris Brogan on his time spent at Gannett. Great to see yet more examples of innovation and forward thinking by a large, traditional, news organization. This time also with a real emphasis on “local”.

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The Future of Newspapers: Moving Beyond Dead Trees

Posted by benasmith on November 17, 2008

Great story in the Washington Post on Rupert Murdoch and how he sees the future of the newspaper business.

Great to see someone with such traditional roots having such a forward thinking and positive outlook.

Particularly appreciated his comments on newspapers having to evolve from the physical item to “news brands” that are delivered in a variety of ways and are flexible for readers.

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