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Newspapers That Twitter

Posted by benasmith on September 14, 2008

Comprehensive list of nearly 400 newspaper Twitter accounts, plus analysis of increase or decrease in followers and how each newspaper posts updates.


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A No-Paper Newspaper

Posted by benasmith on September 14, 2008

Interesting take on the future of e-newspapers: paid vs free content; e-readers vs websites.

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Twitter: Surprise Star of RNC Coverage

Posted by benasmith on September 9, 2008

Taking advantage of Twitter to provide very different and in-depth coverage of the Republican National Convention – “journalism conducted via social media”.

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Brave New World of Digital Intimacy

Posted by benasmith on September 6, 2008

Great social media article in the New York Times Magazine. Focus of the article is specifically on the “snippets” of information shared through the Facebook and Twitter news feed and status updates. Also interesting discussion of what social scientists describe as “ambient awareness”.

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Ten Ways That Ad Sales People Can Save Newspapers

Posted by benasmith on September 5, 2008

In some ways I think the title of this blog is a little misleading. It’s really a blog concerning revenue opportunities on newspaper websites. It doesnt address print itself, and contrary to what many people think there are still plenty of print revenue opportunities for those newspapers with a strong product and the ability to forward think and get creative.

Also a couple of online opportunities I believe should really have been included but weren’t mentioned. First, local directories / “business hubs” such as Lawrence Marketplace. Make sure the site is of genuine value by being pro-active in getting every business in the particular market on the site with a free listing. And make sure that listing contains a decent, useful, amount of information. Offer businesses the opportunity for paid upgrades, but get them on their first with a decent free listing that makes people actually want to use the site as opposed to going to a typical yellow pages type site. Second, opt-in email services – advertisers paying to be part of daily, weekly or even monthly email newsletter to readers that opt-in to receive local offers. Give readers good reason to opt-in by providing local offers and content that’s of value. And give them opportunities to opt-in at any time they are interacting with the paper – part of the subscription process, an additional check box in reader contests or promotions. Give readers local offers and information that isn’t perceived as spam. Give them something of genuine value. My personal experience has been a very favorable opt-in rate. To make life even easier use a third party service such as Constant Contact to manage email lists and provide very easy to use email templates.

Having said that, this is still a good list of ten basic principles every newspaper should follow in generating online revenue:

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Ten Ways to Use LinkedIn

Posted by benasmith on September 1, 2008

I’ve heard a number of people comment that they have a profile on LinkedIn, but don’t do anything with it, or that there’s nothing you can really do with it.

Personally I’m a huge advocate of LinkedIn. I use it to network, keep in touch with existing contacts, get introductions to new contacts, research companies or specific individuals. Ive also made good use of the questions feature and have learned valuable new information through the answers posted. I’m looking forward to seeing how the new group discussion features develop.

The following article, Ten Ways to Use LinkedIn, is a great introduction and includes some valuable tips on leveraging the power of the LinkedIn network:

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