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A Boomer’s Guide to Communicating with Gen X and Gen Y

Posted by benasmith on August 27, 2008

Not strictly a media story, but still a great read.

Obviously a key part of targeting any type of news or advertising message is effective communication and a clear understanding of your target audience.

While this particular article is geared towards managing or working with Gen X or Gen Y, the communication comparisons are valuable and can easily be applied to any situation.

The clear message is remember to adapt your communication style to your audience, don’t assume they will adapt to you.


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Where Newspapers Are Thriving

Posted by benasmith on August 27, 2008

Germany’s papers are doing fine despite the ad flight to the web. What’s their secret?

Interesting story, forward thinking that lead to great results, and a nice positive read compared to the usual doom and gloom here in the States.

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Posted by benasmith on August 17, 2008

If you havent checked out, it’s a great site and well worth bookmarking:

The site is partnered with the Current TV Network and features news and current affairs videos from around the world, along with reader uploaded video. A wealth of unedited video you wont find on other news sites. Quality news and current affairs content, not the typical You Tube or viral type of video.

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Community Newspapers – Sweet Spot of the Industry

Posted by benasmith on August 16, 2008

With so much doom and gloom talk in the newspaper industry its nice to read some positive news. Some people talk about “the death of newspapers”. My personal opinion is that’s not the case at all. Yes, newspaper advertising revenues are suffering and subscribers are migrating to the web. But two things I feel strongly about. First, it’s not the “death” of newspapers, but a time for newspapers to re-invent themselves. Those that don’t may well die, those that do open the door to many new opportunities. Second, it’s national and metro publications that are most vulnerable, community newspapers have a certain degree of immunity to the general trend. Who wants to read national and regional news that is already available on 101 different websites and is generally dated by the time it hits print editions. Community newspapers on the other hand offer something more unique. They offer true hyper-local news and advertising that has a much more immediate impact on a reader and that isn’t available on every other news website like national or regional news would be.

The following release from Suburban Newspapers of America provides a very positive take on community newspapers and was great to read.

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Chicago Tribune Breaks News with Twitter Posse

Posted by benasmith on August 14, 2008

Great example of a major newspaper using social media, specifically Twitter. In this instance their ongoing interaction with the public via Twitter directly lead to the very rapid posting of breaking news on their website. Thanks to Twitter they were able to break the story rapidly while the public were still anxious to find out what was happening with the particular situation. In turn a link to the breaking news story itself made the rounds on Twitter and generated several thousand page views on the newspapers site within a couple of hours of the story being posted.

Great to see such forward thinking by the newspaper, using social media to interact with the public, to gather news, and to drive traffic back to their website.

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A Complete List of the Many Forms of Web Marketing

Posted by benasmith on August 12, 2008

A comprehensive document categorizing and summarizing all the tools and tactics available for corporate web strategy.

A great resource for anyone planning or reviewing their corporate web strategy. You’ll obviously have identified your objectives and developed your plan before you start getting down to details of tools and tactics. But when you do get to that stage, this is a great check list for helping select the right tools and tactics for effective implementation of your plan.

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Why Media and Corporations Should Allow Content to be Embeddable

Posted by benasmith on August 12, 2008

Interesting blog today by Jeremiah Owyang highlighting the opportunities online media companies are missing by not making their content available in an embeddable format.

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A few links to get going

Posted by benasmith on August 12, 2008

To start things off, just sharing links to a few websites I’ve found to be good resources: – Everything social media – Great in-depth blog on web strategy, full of very thoroughly presented ideas and information – The evolution of media, great blog with a focus on news media – Great site for anyone involved with community newspapers – Extensive directory of corporations and organizations with active Twitter feeds, fully categorized – Directory of individual Twitter users, sorted by areas of professional or personal interest, and some by geographic location – Great site for anyone needing creative inspiration

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